This Album, yes this one right here, Is undisputedly the best album of 2012 so far. The Heist by Non other than Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is everything you”d expect from these two hip-hop gurus and more. There”s just a certain type of feeling one gets when listening to Macklemore that one can”t even begin to process once this man starts throwin” rhymes around. This whole 18 track album develops that feeling and it”s simply due to the fact that slot machines online Mack raps from the heart, he raps from what he deals with, what WE deal with. I”ve never had so much respect for a “Rapper” obviously because this man is one of a kind. He”s struggled, he”s felt, he”s lived and thats something that everyone of these big name artists forget. Much love mack, Much love.

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