After almost a year of delays Lil Wayne has finally finished the sequel album to his hit albums, “I Am Not A Human Being” and “Rebirth”, titled “I Am Not A Human Being II”. Originally slated for an early 2012 release it was pushed back a year until March 26th, 2013. Three chart topping singles have been released off the album already, including No Worries”,  “My Homies Still”, and his latest “Bitches Love Me”.

Weezy has really made sure his album is stacked, bringing the best of the business on to I Am Not A Human Being II.  Producers linked to the project are: Streetrunner & Sarom, Kane Beatz, Cool & Dre, David Banner, Diplo, Soulja Boy, Mike WiLL Made It, T-Minus, and Detail. With the Lil Wayne dipping into this vast pool of producers the beats are all over the place. From the club music heavyweight producer Mike Will Made It beat in “Gunwalk” to the melodic production in “God Bless America”.

Wayne also brings in some rock influences from Rebirth into the album. A heavy rock sound in the track “Hello” and its different. Personally I think he nailed it with the track “Hot Revolver”. The steady guitar bass and symbol beat sounds greats and sounds like a rock hit from the 90″s. It may be my favorite track on the album, so I guess it can”t be said rap and rock don”t mix.

The Young Money leader is a rapper though, and although his rapping skills is a hot debate, he does great. Still rapping about money, drugs, and women, so nothing has really changed. Its still entertaining so if you like Weezy you will love this album. If you don”t, well don”t worry as there are plenty of other artists on here that all go all in. The list is long; Boo , 2Chainz, Gudda Gudda , Detail, Soulja Boy, Gunplay, Juicy J, Drake, Future, Nicki Minaj, Dre, and Big Sean.

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Track List

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “IANAHB” 5:38
2. “Curtains” (featuring Boo) 4:31
3. “Days and Days” (featuring 2 Chainz) 3:13
4. “Gunwalk” (featuring Gudda Gudda) 4:31
5. No Worries(featuring Detail) Dwayne Carter, Noel Fisher Detail 3:41
6. “Back to You” 5:29
7. “Trigger Finger” (featuring Soulja Boy) Soulja Boy 4:32
8. “Beat the Shit” (featuring ) 4:28
9. “Rich as Fuck” (featuring 2 Chainz) T-Minus 3:43
10. “Trippy” (featuring Juicy J) Juicy J, Crazy Mike 4:23
11. Bitches Love Me(featuring Drake and Future) Carter, N. Wilburn, A. Graham, Michael Williams Mike WiLL Made It 4:13
12. “Romance” 4:20
13. “God Bless Amerika” 5:03
14. “Wowzers” (featuring Trina) 3:45
15. “Hello” (featuring Shane Heyl) 4:02

Bonus Tracks

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